3 On a Plane

June 2012 (yes, I know… But I’ve been preoccupied. Forgive me! And please be prepared for some major posting. I have 6 months to catch up on and I am recommitting to keeping up with our family journal.)

The boys and I braved airports, security and 4 airplanes to go visit my parents in ABQ one last time before they headed off on their international adventure.


Once there, we more fun than we could muster.
(Can you tell who likes the camera and who’s sick of mom pulling it out???)

The other reason for us visiting my parents was for my dad and I to go visit my Gram in Texas. It’s been a long, rough road getting her settled but it was so good to see her.

Gram lives in Spur. To give you a bit of background, Spur was pretty much all but deserted when WWII ended. Minus the empty windows and vacant lots, it looked like Spur’s main street was left only yesterday. I would LOVE to go back and do several photoshoots in this area. It was INCREDIBLE! I wish we had had more than just an afternoon to poke around.

My dad, Gram and I met up with my uncle and cousins for dinner. The diner we ate at still had smoking and non-smoking seating, I thought it was hilarious. I guess living in Utah for so long has made me aware of such oddities.

While I was gone from my babies, Nan took the boys to the movies, the park… and then I got a text message from my mom telling me to call immediately. Gav was sick.

If you know my kids, you know we are RARELY sick (and with that, ten bucks says my kids get something deadly tomorrow.) Gav has been sick only a handful of times and Anders has had a few more colds than G. But that’s it! So, when I got the call that Gav was saying his throat was burning and his “brain was rotting” (his words), I knew something was up. Also, when he laid down next to Nan, told her to turn the TV off and he fell asleep on the floor? Yeah, my poor little man was sick.

I had a hotel room all to myself but couldn’t even enjoy it I had SO much mommy guilt. I felt so bad that he was hurting and I wasn’t there to hold him and kiss his scorching little forehead.

The next morning, he felt a little bit better, so they headed to the zoo. By the time I got off the plane that afternoon, he was feeling crummy again, so off to InstaCare we headed.

102 degree fever + burning throat + rotting brain = Strep B.

Poor guy.

A little antibiotics, Tylenol, and Sprite later, he was feeling better just in time to head to Madrid (not like the Spain pronunciation…) to see Tinkertown.  It’s one of those see it to believe it kinda places. Let’s just say this place took one patient and “artistic” man!

We said a tearful goodbye to our Nan and Pops and ABQ and headed back to good old Salt Lake to see Daddy. We missed him so!


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Chalk Festival 2012

We have heard about the chalk festival at Gateway mall so many times. And we always miss it.

This year we promised not to do that.

So, after Chris was done coaching on June 16th (yes, this is how far I am behind…) we hustled on up to Salt Lake to do some browsing of amazing art!

It was all about superheroes, thanks to the recently released Avengers movie. The boys thought that was SOOO cool. Anders even managed to point out Buzz, Woody and every Mickey, Minnie, and “Nonold” in the festival.

What we couldn’t get over was how hard it would be to work for so long on such amazing pieces of art… just to have them driven over or washed away. That’s dedication to an art right there.

And as any good parent would do, we let G experience a Chinese finger trap for himself… Yeah, we laughed, we laughed long and hard!  Then Chris helped him out of it.


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Oh Happy Day!

This day was 11 years in the making.

I knew, just knew that Justina was supposed to be part of our family. She’s been so amazing to us for so many years, and so has her awesome family. We are SOOO happy that they finally came to their senses and married each other!

These two were sealed by Trent’s mission president. It was such a beautiful ceremony, and one that brought a TON of light to our own, things that we had never really heard or focused made sense. It was quite the day.

We love her more than we can express, all of us… especially a certain Master G.

My little men. I think they were a little stir crazy waiting for all the big people to get things done. Plus, their Auntie Chelle pumped them full of sugar right before they got back to the temple grounds.

Pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Lots and lots of chasing Ander Baby around.

Doesn’t she fit right in?! I now have another short lady to commiserate with.

Anders found his new favorite women. Sammie and Grandma Great were amazing at keeping him occupied. Sammie was amazing that day all around. She chased Anders til the sun went down and we didn’t even have to ask!

When we got to the reception center I realized I had forgotten my shirt (the one my mom and I looked for 2 hours for with screaming kids….) in the bathroom at home… SO Chris and I ran over to the mall and found the exact one, on sale and in the right size! Wahoo!

We got back just in time to have pictures taken, (my boys were sooo thrilled…hehe.)

To be honest, at this point I don’t know much about the reception beyond what the next pictures show. I was stationed at the “guest book.” Which was an awesome idea! I love the personalization of it and that you will always remember who said what!

These are just a few of my favorites. Justina and Trent know awesome people! So full of fun and life! What a great idea!

So, best part of the reception, hands down was the bouquet and garter tosses.

Trent’s friend brought his girlfriend with him to the reception, naturally. He’s the only single one left… so naturally she was the only older single girl in the crowd. She caught the bouquet… the picture on the left with the “Elvis” look is the look he gave her when she showed him her prize! He then miraculously caught the garter! These two crack me up! (They were engaged just a couple weeks ago! On her mom’s birthday… sweet huh!?)

These seven have been friends since Jr. High… Such good guys. Such rotten teenagers! Hehe glad to know them all!

And then they were off, in the Mutang again… to Jamaica and Eternity!


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A Groom’s Dinner

For my brother, Trent,and his bride-to-be, Justina, we needed another reason to celebrate. Instead of a rehearsal dinner, my family likes to hold what we affectionately refer to as “a Groom’s Dinner.” After much deliberation, we decided to do a backyard picnic feel with barbecue chicken, ribs, potato salad, lemonade… it was divine!! We gathered goods from family and friends, used most of my thrifting finds (have I mentioned I love to thrift?!) and decorated the tables with butcher paper and crayons. With all our closest family and friends gathered around, we ate, talked and told embarrassing stories about the couple.

We laughed, we cried… we wrote sweet notes to the happy couple.

Little babes ran around chasing puppies, each other and cute girls.

Then we sent the adorable couple off in Jade, the “Mutang.” Only to wish them a happy wedding day ever!


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A. 18 Months

Someone is 18 Months… Or was.. now he’s 20 months old.. Good grief! He’s getting so big!

He loves his belly. I love it too.

He’s the sweetest baby. Gives the best kisses. Knows he’s SUPER DANG cute and uses it to his advantage. Screams bloody murder in the car and sings sweet songs. He wasn’t saying much, but that has all changed! Love this little guy!

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A Beautiful Bridal Shower

Back in May… when my brother and Justina were engaged, she asked me to be a bridesmaid. I told her, “only if I get to help plan the shower!” It was mostly a joke, but I was just so excited to get to help planning a shower for one of my favorite people ever. I asked the Maid of Honor, Michele, what she wanted me to do and as luck would have it… she said the decorations!

I had WAY too much fun coming up with a theme and shopping for all the goodies that went on the tables.

Everything I used was either thrifted or gifted and I made the banner that says “Mrs. Tanner” with a beautiful new line I found at Pebbles.

It was a beautiful evening, so much fun, laughter and wonderful food! Always a great way to celebrate an upcoming marriage!

(This is Justina… always holding a baby!)


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Dirty Dashin’

I got this hairbrained idea to start running last fall.

I ultimately want to run a marathon… we’ll see if I make it that far!

But, despite the fact that I haven’t been able to run for more than 2 weeks at a time consistently since last October, I decided to join this hilarious group of ladies to run the Dirty Dash in June.

While we waited, and I got my jitters out…(not sure exactly why I was so nervous… despite the fact that the last time I was this muddy I was being drug behind a handcart in the pouring rain ((if you want any further explanation, just ask. It’s a pretty funny story)) I was super excited!) we did some people watching. Some groups went all out for this thing.

Before we started, don’t we look so clean??

You can tell just how nervous I was by the fact that I couldn’t hold my “pirate” face for longer than a couple of seconds without laughing.

During the race, just after the BIG slide. We went over rope ladders, wooden walls taller than me, under the wood walls through pits of mud, INTO pits of mud, army crawled in pits of mud, over pipes in rivers of mud, over hay bales 10 feet tall, up hills, down hills… you name it. We had to finish as a group and we had some girls that got stuck a ways back. So we got to hang out for a bit and laugh while we watched people go through what we had just endured. After we all jumped into pools of mud one last time, we posted for a few last pictures! We did it! We conquered the mud!! (I even have the bumper sticker to prove it!)

Now onto trying to keep the running up and hopefully you’ll see a 5k post in my future!

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Take Me Out!

On Memorial Day, my parents came over to do some bike riding and then took our little family to a Bees game in Salt Lake.


Gav’s had the bike Pops and Trent built for him for over a year.  It’s a little on the long side, but we (including G) have decided it’s time to try to learn how to ride without the surprisingly sturdy training wheels. So, while they were in town, Pops came over and removed the training wheels.


It took a little longer than expected, so we did a little playing with Nan.


He is getting there. G does so much better for people other than Chris and I so we might need to have Uncle Trent come and be a final push… hehe


We had a blast at the game, everyone walked around, don’t know that many saw the game but we definitely saw a lot of the train!


These boys had a great time getting loaded up on sugar… about 10 minutes into the car ride home… the boys CRASHED!

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This is the Place

The boys and I have been a little desperate for activity since school ended and with a chance to head up This is the Place park for free, something we’ve been wanting to do for a couple summers now.

I couldn’t believe that they offered a free day at that park and also how much it has changed in the 15+ years since I’ve been there.

We played some pioneer games.


Did a picture scavanger hunt. Gav LOVED doing this… note to self: do this for everywhere we go!

Learned about how things were done back in the first days of the Salt Lake Valley. This was the pharmacists shop. It was painted the prettiest color!

Gav also got to pan for gold, which was probably his favorite part. He then turned the “gold” in for a treat at the bank downtown.

Anders favorite part? The free ice cream!

Gav also got to participate in a school session. He was the only boy for the longest time, then more boys filed in. They learned about the Deseret Alphabet, I remember learning about it in  Jr. High, but obviously not much to remember how it actually worked. It was a learning experience for both him, and me!

I was crazy enough to turn my camera over to him to prove I was there.  I think we might have another budding photographer. He does a GREAT job with the camera! (PS I highly recommend wearing a flowy dress on a hot day, it was so nice and breezy and cool!)

My hammsters!

We also took a ride on a train, antique fire engine, and saw a cemetery that used to be where ESA is now.


We had a blast!


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A Glorious Day

Justina, my brother’s now wife, received her endowment at the Oquirrh Mountain temple on a blustery day in May and we were so pleased to be a part of it. It was a beautiful moment to know that she was going to be a part of our family and that we were going to be a part of hers.

She had so many supporters there, so many family members who love her and Trent. We tried to shoot as fast as we could so as not to freeze to death or blow away in the wind.


Thanks you two, for letting us take part in such an amazing day!

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