Chris is home, let the projects begin!

So we’ve been talking about it forever but yesterday it actually happened!
Chris’s annual company party is coming up on the 4th of July and all the guys wanted to do a simple barbecue so we offered up our backyard, not really realizing we needed to do some work on it. And Chris and I have been talking for a year about putting in a planter bed and a drip system, thinking it would always be far in the future. Earlier this week, Chris tackled the grass, seeing as how it had grown to a lengthy 3 feet. Yesterday, we got up quite early (surprise I know!) and headed to Home Depot. We dug up some of the grass, relocated a couple of sprinkler heads, put in a drip system, lined the planter, and put in topsoil, plants and bark. It only took us a couple of hours, Chris doing most of the work while I took care of Gavin, but it looks fabulous! Next weekend will be the project of taking out the grass between the porch and fence and putting in pavers.
We think it looks pretty good.


Chris decided to give me a real smile.


I’ll take pictures when we get the rest of the plants in and when we get the lawn cleaned up.

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Home again, home again

We’re finally all home!
And boy does it feel good! Chris got home from Arizona around 4 yesterday then picked Gavin and me up at the airport at 9. We all had a lot of fun on our adventures but sure are glad to be home.
Tensions on the last week of Chris’s dig were a little high but they all made it through just fine. Most people just couldn’t wait to get home, as I can imagine 7 weeks away from normal life would do to anyone.
Gavin and I had a fun week at Chris’s parents house. We had fun at cousin Joshua’s birthday party where we swam and had barbeque and cupcakes. Joshua wanted nothing to do with the frosting on his cupcake, most of it landed on the floor. Then we saw all of the Nielsen extended family at a family birthday party. For most of the extended family it was their first time meeting Gavin. He laughed and talked to pretty much everyone, only spitting up on the special ones!
Today was kind of a catch-up of sorts. We did a ton of grocery shopping, and Chris got his haircut, he sorely needed it after 7 weeks, as I’m sure you can imagine. Then we got Gavin’s picture taken at Kiddie Kandids, which was such a fun experience. I was so worried Gavin wouldn’t cooperate and be happy during his pictures, but luckily our neighbor recommended a great girl there and she got Gavin to smile so well. We were so lucky that Gavin’s blessing outfit still fit, it was snug but we got it on him. Those of you who know Chris can only guess why there’s only one picture of Gavin with his cute hat on and one with his “shades” on! I will be taking more pictures this week of Gavin in his blessing outfit, with the hat, just to spite Chris!
I think they turned out pretty well, don’t mind the light in the sunglasses, it was unavoidable.
So glad to be home with my boys!

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Week six has come and passed! Hallelujah!

Week six is over and boy am I glad! This is going to be a rather long post since I haven’t posted in a while….sorry!
Gavin and I spent last the past week at my parents in New Mexico for my sister’s 16th birthday and we had a blast! Tuesday night the young women came over after Chelle had gone to bed and gave her a “heart attack,” I couldn’t believe how thoroughly they got everything. Even her new truck was covered in hearts and sayings. They even left an envelope on the hood of her truck with $16 in it for her.
Chelle also got another surprise from my parents when she thought she was just going to dinner with the family for her birthday. My mom and I spent the morning shopping for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” type props for Chelle’s surprise party at Carrabba’s. We picked up tiara’s, ‘diamond’ rings, and boa’s for the girls to wear and showed up a half an hour before Chelle to get the girls all dressed up. When Chelle got there, my mom was waiting at the front of the restaurant with her special blinking tiara, boa and ring to put on so she had to walk through the whole restaurant wearing them. Her friends were so cute! One of them went to Target and picked up almost every pink thing she could find, including a very embarassing piece of underclothing! I don’t think she was expecting my dad to be there when Chelle opened up the present.

Gavin had his 2 month checkup today and we found out about the wonders of immunizations. Before my little man got punctured, we found out that he’s gained 5lbs since birth making him a whopping 14lbs 6oz, bringing him into the 95th percentile in weight, and grown 3 inches to 24 inches long. I wasn’t imagining things when I thought he was growing like a weed! Then the nurses came in to give him his vaccines, I had to leave the room but when Chris came to get me he had blood on his shirt. The nurse thinks she struck a vein, my poor little guy! He has been rather cranky today but he really is a happy baby. These were taken last weekend when Chris was here but it just confirms how much my little man loves his bath!

While Chris is gone this week we’re off to Las Vegas to go visit Chris’ parents and to celebrate cousin Joshua’s 1st birthday! I’ll update after we get back!

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Week five of the dig

As my first official post on our family blog I thought I’d just start from where we are right now. So here goes:

Chris is in Northern Arizona on his field school dig, he just left Southern Utah where they’ve been for four weeks. He’s having a great time digging in the dirt and learning all about how the archaeology thing works. Unfortunately, he got a really bad sunburn his second week there and developed a bacterial infection from a fever blister so he’s been in a bit of pain for the past couple of weeks. But, it looks like the infection has been contained with antibiotics and hopefully he’ll get some rest from the discomfort of it.

Gavin is now 8 weeks old and is growing like a weed! We estimate him being at 13-14 pounds and is almost in 3-6 month size clothing. He’s a really good baby, sleeping through the night and happier than ever when he’s awake, as long as he’s not in the car.

We took a trip to visit Chris’ parents in Las Vegas two weeks ago and he cried the whole way down, not even taking a break to take a nap. Once there, though, he did marvelously, and really enjoyed the time with his cousins. One of the days we were there, Rebecca (Chris’ sister) brought her kids over to swim in the grandparents 95degree pool and Gavin loved it. Papa brought out rafts for the two little ones and Gavin fell asleep the minute I put him in it. He loves the water, so much that I’m going to go get a little wading pool and raft for him swim in during our long days at home.

The first week of Chris’s dig Gavin and I took a plane ride to Albuquerque to visit my parents for a week and Gavin did fabulously! By the end of the week with my parents he was recognizing my mom’s voice and was smiling when talked to. Gavin also did very well with their two dogs, Ryker and Betty, two very energetic and sweet dogs that loved to give kisses and steal binkies.

I’m doing ok, a little lonely at times, but the weekends are a nice break when Chris gets to come home to check on the store. I’ve got my projects, lots of scrapbooking I need to catch up on and other things I want to get done around the house. I will make sure to post pictures of those when I can. Chris has taken the digital camera on his dig with him so I don’t have a way to post things until he comes home on the weekend but I will do my best.

Gavin just woke up from his nap and wants food so I’d better sign off for today.

Thanks for all your love and support!

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