Farewell to the Hens

During September, we started to prep to move northward to be closer to Chris’ work and Gav’s school. During those preparations we knew the chickens would have to go. We had so much fun with them over the summer: working until 1 in the morning to create the wall for their enclosure on Mother’s Day, gathering eggs, figuring out their little personalities, nursing one of them back to health, listening to Fred crow every 35 seconds and getting pecked in the knee.



It was Gav’s job to gather the eggs every day, Laurel


Our gorgeous rooster, Fred. What you don’t see is his HUGE green tail. What you don’t hear, his awfully loud crow.


Rosie, our nester. The rest of the hens laid eggs, she sat on them all! And despite getting nesting boxes, the girls still preferred laying eggs on this bag of shavings.



Sadly, just a few days after these were taken, we lost Grandpa’s sweet wife, Laurel, to a tragic accident.  She was such a strength to me and such an inspiration of what a woman and a wife should be, she helped me see so much in myself that gave me hope. My boys loved her so much and she loved them and I am sure of it.  During her time in the hospital after her accident, we got quite sick and couldn’t go visit her. At one point she was doing so well they thought she was going to come home, but took a turn for the worst and never made it home to us, so we decided to stay with Grandpa just a bit longer to keep him company.


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State Fair 2012

We hit up the state fair with Annelise and her boys this year. First time I’ve been in at least a decade and Chris had to work, so we knew exactly who to go with!


WebStateFair2012-0851 WebStateFair2012-0852 WebStateFair2012-0842 WebStateFair2012-0872 WebStateFair2012-0876 WebStateFair2012-0882 WebStateFair2012-0913

E playing the drums (he’s just too cute!!!)


I thought this was hilarious… a cop in shorts… playing a game! I guess they needed a break!

WebStateFair2012-0893 WebStateFair2012-0884




WebStateFair2012-0899 WebStateFair2012-0930

The boys “playing chess” with fun large chess pieces… we left shortly after this and moved on to friendlier \

grounds though.



Snowcones and balloon animals were in order!!! (See my mooch in the corner. We had one and then he decided that Annelise’s was more tasty.)


WebStateFair2012-0941 WebStateFair2012-0976

The butter sculpture… Seriously way too cool, but what do they do with all that butter afterward???


We have GOT to work on the no eye contact thing!

WebStateFair2012-0980Until next year!!!

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Field of Flags 2012

September 11, 2012

My friend Viv and I thought it might be neat to visit the Field of Flags Sandy city does every year in remembrance of the people who died during the 9/11 attacks and the military from Utah who have fallen in combat. We met up after I picked G up at school and the boys proceeded to run a muck!

Web9112012-0736 Web9112012-0744

Boys are so reverent and respectful!Web9112012-0612 Web9112012-0635 Web9112012-0664 Web9112012-0666 Web9112012-0683 Web9112012-0689

Anders and Kendell Web9112012-0709


Tickling poor Britton. Good grief!

Web9112012-0712Without fail, this boy finds the cutest girl in the area!!!

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Dinosaur National Monument 2012

Sept 2 2012

Our first camping trip didn’t happen until late this year. Chris opened up a new school and they were a little more needful of his time than his other schools have been. So, camping didn’t happen until later in the season. We were excited to finally see the new building at Dinosaur Monument in Vernal.




This little boy was less than easy to take camping this time. He LOVED the dirt, almost pulled a chinchilla move with it.


He also took off several times while we were trying to get things set up and dinner going.



Like I said… chinchilla!




After eating dinner we took a walk around the campground to meet several of the pets camping with their owners. Oh and to see the sunset!



This dude… so big!!


This one loved camping… the rest of us would have loved to have gotten some sleep. Hopefully this year bodes better for one of our favorite things to do as a family!



G has gotten old enough that when we go to a national park, he gets to participate in the Jr. Ranger program. He LOVES this, and it gives him something to do that educates him about where we are at and the things around him.

WebDSC_0528They do an oath and give him a badge and everything.

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The BIG Day! (First Day of Kindy for G)

Well it came… the day I sent my baby off to Kindergarten! I can’t believe how fast the time has flown, but he was SOOO ready. I think he could have gone to 2nd grade and he wouldn’t have batted one of his gorgeously long eyelashes.

WebGav1st Day of Kindy-0035 WebGav1st Day of Kindy-0040


WebGav1st Day of Kindy-0042

We were running late (Go figure) and so he was zooming in to his classroom. He couldn’t wait.

WebGav1st Day of Kindy-0046

He was going so fast, that I couldn’t change my camera settings fast enough.

WebGav1st Day of Kindy-0048

He didn’t even say goodbye! 

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Preston Fair

July 28th 2012

We love going up to Idaho to visit my mom’s side of the family. Too much fun, and the boys love to get messy on the farm and see all the animals. But this time, we had big plans, to head to the Preston fair and see the rodeo. I have pictures from the fair, but the rodeo was SOOOO packed, and the stands were SOOO rickety that I didn’t dare take anything extra in besides the bare essentials. It was so much fun though! We all had a blast and the boys were nice and tired on the way home, always a bonus! 

Chris and my Uncle Chickie! (Maybe one day I will succeed at getting Chris to comply with the camera.)


Bailee, Brandon and G going down the slides.


The boys riding the cars.


Gav and Brandon are such good buddies, 2 years in age difference doesn’t phase them at all.


Gav had a blast on this rollecoaster.


Auntie Nisa and Ruthie.


This boy loves his Daddy.


WebPrestonFair-0235 WebPrestonFair-0239

This is why!


Kenzie and Ruthie


Gav and Bailee… he’s a sucker for a cute girl!

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The Great and Terrible Fire

Sunday August 5th

We saw the lights early on on Sunday night. So around midnight, I pulled out the tripod and snapped a few pictures. It didn’t look too bad, so we really didn’t think anything of it.

Monday August 6th

I don’t have many pictures from this day. Just cell phone pictures. It was so nerve wracking, Chris was at work, and then coaching so he was supposed to be gone until 8 or so. By 3:30, I was loading up the car with our 72 hour kits, important files, computers and family heirlooms. I was feeling an evacuation coming on even though we hadn’t heard anything yet. Chris’ grandpa (whom we are living with currently) was certain we wouldn’t be evacuated. DEAD SET that we wouldn’t be evacuated. By 5pm we had a voluntary evacuation notice, by 6:30 the Sheriff was driving through the neighborhood saying leave your homes NOW. 

This wouldn’t have been so bad had we not been on the edge of the neighborhood where the fire was growing FAST and close. As I was loading the kids and cat up, not knowing where I was going to go or what would happen to our home, I just prayed that my nerves would be calmed enough to be strong for my kids. To show them not to be afraid and that we had followed promptings from the Lord to be prepared. Had we not had our 72 Hour kits, I would have been a frantic mess trying to get our bare necessities gathered up instead of just loading up the packs into the car and gathering the worldly possessions we valued most and helping Chris’ grandpa and his wife gather their medications and important papers.  I’m so grateful to Chris’ aunt who let us take shelter in her house not a mile from the fire, but far enough that we didn’t have to worry about being evacuated again in the middle of the night.

Tuesday August 7th

The fire was contained enough to military land that we were able to go home. But, I didn’t unpack the car. I couldn’t trust it and there were several times we felt we were going to be evacuated again.

Wednesday, Sept 8th

I had unpacked the car, but everything was by the door in case we needed to leave again. The fire got close sooo many times.

My little troopers, Gav had major anxiety about the whole thing, but he was SO amazing at helping me with Anders and being their comfort gatherer

Thursday Sept 10th

They said the fire was contained enough to not worry… we knew better. The fire lasted for 2 more days and was finally out by Sunday morning. We were all grateful that no one was hurt, that no one’s home was lost and that the Lord works in mysterious ways. This neighborhood banded together to evacuate people, horses and other animals, even the Bishop’s motorcycles were saved by members in the ward since his family was on vacation that week. While living here during such a scary fire season was nerve wracking beyond belief, it was such a lesson in faith for me. I had been receiving promptings to get our 72 Hour Kits ready and had acted on it. I usually second guess myself in these situations, but this time I knew it was too strong to ignore. I’m so glad I had everything ready to go and was able to take care of my kids and family in a time of need.


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Pioneer Day – The Ord Way

We typically do a parade on the 24th of July every year. But this year, Chris had to work so we decided to hit up the BIG parade in Salt Lake. I’ve never been, but have wanted to go, so we trekked to downtown to see what all the fuss was about.

Gav was big into saluting this year, and showed the proper respect for our flag for a good solid 8 minutes as the flag bearers waited for the parade line to move.

Mostly, the boys enjoyed this. Spending time with their dad who had a very busy summer opening another new school.

Trains were a HUGE deal at this parade. My boys were over the moon! This float had a moving train, it went back and forth through the tunnel. COOL!

In keeping with the train theme, we headed on over to the 150th anniversary of the Union Pacific Railroad in Utah. We saw Governor Herbert, the president of the railroad and a member of the Quorum of the 70 from our church speak.

Then… we got to ride this!

They don’t look so thrilled in this photo… it was 110+ degrees outside, but they were soooo excited!

After we met up with Chris, we headed to Spanish Fork for my favorite part of the day. FIREWORKS!

When the sun started to sink, the boys picked right back up. They were finally cool enough to enjoy one another. Anders even felt sneaky enough to get IN the picnic basket and open all the candy bags while we were trying to teach G how to play tag.

Little booger is such an opportunist!

We boogied to a classic rock cover band (couldn’t keep Anders away from the speakers, he wanted to be right up in front. Just like his mama!) until it was dark enough, and the rodeo was over, and then they lit up the sky!!!


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Swim Lessons

Master G had his first round of swim lessons in July of 2012. He was so excited!

They learned to float on their backs, put their faces in the water and kick away. He has been begging for more lessons ever since.

And while my kid is a great little student, it may have been a good thing that his first swim coach was of the male variety. He’s proving to be quite the flirt and distraction at the rink lately!

Last day of lessons was probably his favorite. They played games with the coach, floated in a train with life vests and then they turned the water on!

While G was having a blast… someone else didn’t enjoy it so much. I learned a lot as a parent.. but I think the biggest lesson was to find a sitter for the younger one or enroll him in lessons at the same time!

We did manage to stay busy by “calling Nan”, trying on sungoggles and trying to escape from our stroller!

All in all, I think he’d rather just take lessons himself next time.

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Dine and Swim- 06*30*2012

We are so lucky to have awesome friends who invite us over for a Thai food dinner and to play in pools  with bubbles! (Looking at this now is kind of humorous since there is 4 inches of snow on the ground and I am writing while wrapped up in my down comforter.)

We had way too much fun and the boys asked just about every day to go back and play in the pool, with Popcorn the dog and their friends.

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