"Some Chicks Ranch"

We had a bad week, well Chris did, and he wanted out of town, so we decided to hit up a state Chris hasn’t ever been to….. Idaho! My Aunt and Uncle bought a small ranch in an itty bitty town about 2 years ago and we hadn’t seen them since Gav’s blessing. We were also told about a puppy that my aunt acquired a couple weeks back that needed a home…. so we decided to head on up to meet the famous “Mr. Nuff”

Mr. Nuff is the cutest, most mellow, sweet little lab puppy ever!!! He and Gav hit it off like you cannot believe!!! By the end of the day Gav was saying “NuUUF”  whenever he wanted to see the cute little brown ball of fluff! (Yes, he is a consideration for a new addition to our family…. we’ll see!)

When we first got to the ranch, the horses were out and all ready for us to go, so we immediately hopped right on! Luckily, they had a horse that could handle many different riders and didn’t mind having someone who didn’t know what they were doing on him. Then came the really fun part!

Gav got to feed a baby cow!!! They had 7 cute little calves on the ranch and Gav got to help feed them a snack and dinner! He was SOOOO excited!

Pardon the audio… it was SUPER windy at the ranch.

Gav also got to gather the chicken eggs, peruse the local “store”, see Oma’s house and even more dogs, and get all sorts of dirty! He learned how to say “squishy”, “tractor”, “baby cow”, “feed baby cow”, “chick”, “nuff” and a “horse.” (Did I mention that Gav’s no talking streak has ended… BIG TIME!!!???) It was a FABULOUS day! We really enjoyed a simpler day, and will, if they want us to, probably go back every few weeks, help out with projects (since my poor Uncle Chicky is in a house full of womenfolk) and more importantly, keep in touch with family! We’ve missed them!

While out there we took pictures of my cousin, Bailee.


She’s our little rodeo queen!



Yeah, those were all taken at their ranch… LOVE IT!

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I’ve killed my blog background…. and trust me, it’s not an easy thing to fix! I was trying soo hard to make it better, and then I killed it… So, patience please, while I try to undo my stupid act!

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Pulling a Triana

Since about middle school, the saying “pulling a Triana” has been a common saying amongst my friends and family.

Now, “pulling a Triana” is a very detailed and complicated process…. just pull your most STUPID klutzy trick you can!

Some of my favorite “Triana’s” include:

* Falling off the side of the diving board and smacking my head on the deck of the pool… but only because I was trying to pull a stupid stunt and go off the diving board with my eyes closed!

* Pulling a muscle in my shoulder because I tripped over a suitcase trying to smack someone for swearing…

* Falling off the back of the couch….

* Tripping UP the same flight of stairs 4 times in one day.

* Getting my hand caught between a cart of cookie sheets and the railing at the BYU MOA….

* Burning my forearm while turning out an angel food cake…

* Covering the entire kitchen in popcorn because I was trying to shake extra kernals into the popper….

* Racing in the house to watch a tv show and falling down an entire flight of stairs that had just been hosed down (in our house in Salt Lake, the stairs up to the kitchen and down to the basement just off the back door were covered in linoleum and my mom hosed them down regularly) I was covered from hip to knee in black bruises.

* Chipping my tooth on a Frito!

Out of all these, I’ve never broken a bone or gotten seriously hurt, surprising huh???

Well this latest “Triana” is just as good as the rest!

After making the huge batch of cookies Monday night I was kind of tired and a little distracted so when someone started talking to me as I was putting stuff in the garbage, I whacked my right eyebrow on the granite countertop… 


No, that’s not eyeshadow or photoshopped!…. and it’s minor, but it’s official! My first black eye! It’s a beaut huh?!?!!

I’m so talented!

If you have any other “Triana” moments, I’d love to hear them! I can’t remember them all! Chime in!

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Metal shop in my living room?

Chris and his buddy Dave have a tendency to like to use my living room as a mock-PC Club tech area….  I usually get ambushed, feed them, then they bring out the heavy artillery!

This is the current project! I’m actually kind of excited about it because the last Media Center PC we had in the living room got sat on and cars run on, you name it! The grey box on the left is being modified to fit in the cabinet on the right! No joke!

This is what I came up to find when they said they were going to be building the MCPC (media center pc)…. BOYS!

Then they got to work! Yes, they are cutting metal on my carpet! hehe, luckily Chris vacuumed it up! What a good Hubby!

Getting closer to the end result! It might be a few more weeks but I’m kinda excited about it!

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My version of the muffin tin lunch!

I honestly don’t remember where I got these little “ice cube” trays, but I’m loving them more and more every time I use them!

Sadly, our weeks are filled with some not so nutrtious lunches, I try my hardest but it doesn’t always work out. So, when we get the opportunity to spend the day at our house, I try to fill it with good healthy snacks and a really cool lunch!

Gav LOVES vegetables, Luc on the other hand usually doesn’t eat much, despite my best efforts to make it look cool!

For lunch last Friday the boys had: (from top left to bottom right) mandarin oranges, trees and carrots in ranch dressing, bowtie pasta (with bacon and cheese mind you!!!) and cheese sticks. Gav ate both his and Luc’s lunch that day…. slowly but surely my little boy will plow through just about any meal! 

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Anybody want a cookie?

(this is my third time writing this, so I apologize if it’s not witty or full of humor…)

I’ve been dying to make these cookies since Chris and I got married. This recipe is a little treat from my short summer with the girls of La Costa 201!! (one that I sneaked from the recipe book cupboard…. they weren’t so willing to share the recipe so I found a way to get it!!hehehe) I had tried them once before and failed MISERABLY so I was happy they finally turned out! Boy are they worth the work!

Usually I can whip up a batch of “1/2 recipe”cookies, have them baked and cleaned up in less than 20 minutes, no joke… this recipe took me over 2 hours!!!! It’s a good thing they’re so good!

This is halfway through, no lie, I had yet to finish baking the cookies and hadn’t even started frosting all 144 cookies!!! (holy cow I just did the math… I didn’t realize how many I made until I did it…. woah)

 I had to smack a few hands but here they are!!! (minus a few the boys managed to sneak away!)

I’m sending about 50 to work with Chris but I have a TON left and I’d better not eat them all!!! Let me know if you’d like some hehe!

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itty bitty baby o!!!

My friend Taylor asked me to come take pictures of her precious baby girl! I was so excited, because I’d been keeping up with Baby O’s story, she had a little trouble after birth and had to spend some time at Primary Children’s, and I wanted to meet this little one! O’s sister Ansley is the most hillarious little girl EVER! So if O is any bit as precocious as her sister, then there will be some serious laughs in that house!

Anyway, visit the Photo Blog if you’d like to see more!

P.S. O’s daddy picked out those adorable boots!!! What style that man has!!!

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No-Spend Challenge

I’ve been inspired…. I think!

The MotherLoad Blog just completed a month long no-spend challenge and I think we could totally benefit from learning what happens to that money we see for only a short time in our bank accounts! 

The challenge is this:

Besides our mandatory bills, (ie. utilities, mortgage, debt payments… yadda yadda) the only things we will be spending money on this month are groceries and fuel. That means: no eating out, no unnecessary trips to Target :(, no non-free outings with Gav, no random trips to the grocery store and no random sprite  and fry runs to Sonic….

 We will have to be resourceful, creative and plan ahead, three things which I like to be but almost always have a problem following through with. And everyone knows how much I love my lists… so I sit here right now making a list of EVERYTHING we’ll need to make it through the month, a list of all the possible meals for the month and clipping coupons! I’m checking out $5 dinners.com  and other recipe websites trying to come up with some really cheapy dinners! If only I could get the boys’ input on what actually sounds good to them and what they’d like for breakfasts and lunches!!!

It’s a ton of work! But we’re going to do it! I’ll be posting my progress and pictures of our no-spend activities and our really frugal meals!

Wish us luck!

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coffee table sadness


If you’ve followed my blog long enough you know that within the past few months a lot has been destroyed at my house! heheh. Well it didn’t stop when we started working!  Gav’s been kind of a terror with the paint on the carpet, ripping pages out of books, getting into the cat food and lots of other crazy things!

But this takes the cake: my poor coffee table took the brunt of the damage a couple weeks ago when I was making lunch for the boys and one of them decided to jump on the glass…. I won’t say which one, but I know who it was because I found him standing in the hole with a very shocked look on his face. When I sent them upstairs to Gav’s room to play while I cleaned up the glass, the same boy opened up a bottle of $15 Noodle and Boo lotion and spread it all over the walls and the toys….

Needless to say a call to my mom was made, she suggested a trip to McD’s was in order, I just couldn’t handle packing them up and dealing with that chaos… the day ended ok though, Trent came home and saved us, and I think we all took much needed naps!

One day we’ll replace the glass, but I think the plan for the coffee table is to get some hardiboard and paint it with chalkboard paint, stick it up in Gav’s room as a train table and utilize the much needed space in our cramped living space! If anyone has any ideas of what to do with the gaping hole, I’d love to hear them!

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Playgrounds in the Winter


We’ve been a little strapped for ideas to keep Gav entertained this winter.  Luckily, we have Annelise and Sam to keep us entertained!  Gav and Sam are such good little buddies and it’s fun to see them starting to play together and be excited to see each other (which happens once or twice a week!) Last week, Annelise and I both needed to get the boys out of the house for some serious energy release, so after I got off work we headed up to Backyard Adventures.

The boys LOVED the playsets, they were so adventurous going up the ladders and down the slides.  Gav had a lovely little incident where he ended up upside down hanging from his ankle on a ladder! I was a little nervous after that and stayed pretty close to Gav’s side!


I think the highlight of the whole trip was the inflated bouncer and slide. They were bouncing into each other and falling down on purpose and just laughing non-stop! The boys were able to climb the “ladder” to the slide and go down the slide all by themselves after a few tries. There was giggling and squealing and lots of “whee!!!’s” 

On our way home we stopped off at the mall to burn some time, we hit another playset and got a couple of pretzels to fill the tummies!

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