Beach Baby

This summer has been a little bit of a whirlwind for us. Chris has been working like crazy, we’ve been camping a few times and Gav and I have been working every other week. It hasn’t left much time for family time so we decided to take a night and head up to the reservoir here in town.

Chris manned the camera this time. He did a fabulous job!

Gav wouldn’t get fully in the water. The sun had gone down and the water was cold. He didn’t mind splashing… especially me!

His favorite part may have just been digging his toes in the “sand.”

His baby blues… to die for!

Yum… I just love his hair this length! and his neck is so ticklish, it’s fabulous!

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July 4th Weekend – ABQ Style

I have a little catching up to do, with tons of pictures – of course – so I’ll do that before I get to our news… hehe

We spent the 4th of July weekend with my parents in good ole’ Burque.

On the 2nd we went to the Children’s Museum downtown, but due to an unfortunate event (which you may or may not know about… including a couple of teenagers and my bag at the pool… we no longer have that SD card, or camera. I’m sad!) Gav and Pops played with just about every exhibit and spent a great deal of time creating circuts in the electronics area!  Later that night, Mama Llama and I went and saw the newest addition to the Twilight saga. Love a good girl’ night out!

On the 3rd we had a good day full of fun and excitement. Gav had a great day playing with Pops and the Aussies, so much so that he fell asleep at 7 on the way to the Isotopes game!  He slept on his Nan’s lap until the 6th inning, just in time to get a few snacks in him and then watch some amazing fireworks!

Isn’t my Mama Llama gorgeous??? Love that lady! She loved some good snuggle time with the G-Man too. He’s so sweet when he’s sleepin’!

(see Gav’s right middle finger… thank you sewing machine and me having the audacity to take a shower! haha I digress!)

The fireworks show was amazing and pretty impressive! There were some fireworks I hadn’t even seen before and haven’t seen since!

Sunday we had a relaxing day of Church, naps and then a little fireworks show from the back porch of the house.  The view is incredible from that porch. If I’m not mistaken, you can see to Arizona from the back of their house!

All in all, we had a fabulous and relaxing weekend with my parents. It’s hard having them live so far away, but we love it when we get to see them!

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A Note and a Poll


The photo of me in the previous post  is supposed to be a rectangular picture in horizontal position. If you are using a new version of internet explorer and you are seeing me as a 6 foot tall leggy skinny person…. you need to click a button up at the top of the browser that looks like a broken piece of paper… it’ll fix all your problems!

With that being said…. we are in week 18 of the baking of Smidget  and next week is my mid pregnancy check-up, complete with a routine ultrasound.  I will be taking a poll of whether or not we’ll be having more blue or some pink coming our way!  Just leave a little comment as to which color you think will grace our home!

Thank you again for your love and support, we appreciate it so much!

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And this my friends….

is what 17 weeks with my second baby looks like…. OY!

I have a feeling this is going to be a long… FAT… pregnancy. I have no ankles, a big ole’ behind and I look more pregnant that most women 10 weeks ahead of me!


My wedding ring still fits, I think I just hadn’t had enough water that day!

And as my good friend Taylor keeps reminding me, at least I DO look pregnant!

Those pants are a size 2 in maternity… (but from what I’ve heard Gap Maternity jeans run big! BOO!) and I still wear my normal size in shirts.

The arch in my back accentuates the size of both my belly and butt.

When Gav “kisses Smidget” goodnight every night, it’s the cutest thing ever!

The extreme nausea and sensitivity to smells has subsided.

The nesting instinct has definitely set in. 

I’m DYING to find out if Gav is getting a brother or a sister (even though I’m actually feeling like it’s one more than the other.)

Last but not least… I’m getting anxious to feel those little flutters and I think I feel them all the time. I know it’s not so just yet, but I can’t wait for that first feeling. It’s the best feeling ever!

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My 3 Year-Old Goober

Warning *PICTURE HEAVY* of an extremely adorable little man!

I never really took 3 year pictures of my G. But this weekend we were up at my favorite place in all of Utah, the Garden Park ward building, and I just happened to have my camera.

These are no where NEAR what I’d want to take, but this is Gav. Through and through.  He had a bruise on his forehead from hitting it twice in one day…he got chocolate milk and mac and cheese all over his shirt that matched the shorts, he wrote all over his right leg with black crayon that I had no idea was in the car which he’d spent 4+ hours in at that point, and was all over the place. But that’s him. And he’s my handsome little man, no matter the circumstances.

Here are a few things I love about him and that are uniquely him at this age:

He has amazing comedic timing.

He can sing the chorus from Sweet Caroline, but ONLY when he wants to.

Thinks it might get lost if he doesn’t “let go” (I’ve been told it’ll never end!)

Has become an amazing car rider.

Loves to take pictures, but hates to have me take pictures OF him.

Has an amazing memory, and brings up things MONTHS past with great detail.

He’s a lover of catalogs and maps.

He has a mind of his own… rarely listening to his mom and dad’s directions or playing  “by the rules”

He’s definitely a lover… with a fightin’ streak…

He loves going to the movie theater. He’ll tell you all about going to see movies.

He has been to 3 different children’s museums and zoo’s in 3 different states and 6 different national monuments and parks. In the past year.

He’s perpetually apologetic.

He’s one of the most articulate children I’ve ever met. People rarely have to ask me what he’s saying, and they’re very surprised when he pops out a random word that most 3 year old’s wouldn’t say.

Doesn’t have a fear of ANYTHING, besides lady bugs.

And through all the nuttiness, he’s made me a mommy. And he’s going to make one amazing big brother.

I love this 3 year old.

(and I can now see why my mom loves this age.)

(some days.)

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Meet Smidget!

Well, let the rumors be true!  Gav is going to be getting a sibling, which he is adamant is a Baby Sister, but we’re not leaning either way.

 WebTriana Ultrasound0001

 WebTriana Ultrasound0002

 WebTriana Ultrasound0003

Smidget is due Christmas-time 2010, which makes me about 12 weeks along. The baby is doing great, it was bouncing back and forth while the ultrasound was going on, which doesn’t give me much hope that this child will be less energetic than Master G is…

With G I had NO symptoms besides scyatic nerve issues, bloody noses, heartburn near the end and I craved salty foods like no one’s business. And no, no nausea or morning sickness…

With Smidget, I have been nauseous almost every day, no matter when or how much I eat. I have been having lower back pain, mega headaches and completely exhausted.  Thankfully Chris has been taking amazing care of Gav and me. I’ve also been craving sweets like crazy and have been showing since I pretty much found out… so I’m feeling nice and frumpy!!!

We’re so excited to be bringing another little monkey into this family, and I can’t tell you how excited G is. He constantly asks about the baby and then tries to “squish” it. Hopefully he doesn’t want to squish the baby when it gets here!

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Firemen, Bubbles and Rocky Mountain High!

Monday, before we headed out of Denver,  we decided to make ture on our promise to G and take him to the Children’s museum. I’m so glad we did! He had a blast!


Full on cool here. He got to put on a fireman’s coat, hat and pretend to drive the truck. We had a really hard time getting him to go onto other things.


I think this was my favorite area, the bubble factory. So many fun things to do.  We even made bubbles filled with fog! (notice the orange safety goggles?)


I didn’t take many pictures after this, he was just all over the place. We got to go to the “Whole Foods Market” where he filled a couple baskets of food, checked it all out and then worked shortly (there was a little girl in there running the show) in the awesome cafe… He painted a picture on a easle and then we had to visit the firetruck one more time!


We had some amazing mexican food, mmmm cheese enchiladas and chips and salsa…. and then we headed out to Rocky Mountain National Park.



Gav and Chris overlooking a beautiful part of the canyon. Oh and the chickmunks (thank you, G) were VERY friendly thanks to people feeding them and petting them!


We got to the summit and all we saw was snow… Very HUGE walls of snow. They were also doing some road construction and so while we were waiting for the lead car to go, the people in the car in front of us decided to have a snowball fight! Seriously funny when they opened up the door to the car and threw snow in!


We got to the continental divide and had to make a quick stop of it… see the snow?! See the shorts?! See the dress!?!? See the shoeless child!?!? Haha


But he was being so lovey (and me so yucky!!! car trips do nasty things to me! ) I couldn’t resist a love fest with my Gav man! Well, until he licked me!



On our way out of the park the GPS took us a funky way home and we saw some amazing things! A field full of resting deer, the railroad that made Denver a metropolis instead of a dead mining town and some amazing rock formations.

Finally, we arrived home at 2 in the morning, safe and sound and ready to sleep for a week! LOL!

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Denver Zoo

Gav begged us to go visit the Zoo while we were in Denver. So we obliged and he was soo amazing! He had SUCH a great time.


(Yes, he dressed himself and picked out the hat! I love this kid!) He’s obsessed with maps!


The zoo in Denver is HUGE and they’re adding onto it to make the Elephant exhibit bigger in addition to some other things. Gav asked the WHOLE time to see the Giraffes. We finally saw them…. 3 times… and got to see their new baby. SOO Cute!


One of the last things we did was feed the Lorakeets. SO COOL. They gave you this little cup of nectar that you held like an ice cream cone for the birds to eat out of. We had quite the time finding hungry birds but we finally found a couple that fought over G’s little cup.  I think they were all a little stuffed by 5… hehe

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Boulder Creek Fest

We went to Colorado to visit friends this past weekend and had a BLAST! We got there late Thursday night, hung out around Denver on Friday and then Saturday the big festivities began!  Saturday morning we all hopped in the car at 6:30 headed for Boulder. 7:15 we were up a canyon rock climbing in the Forester bound for a shooting range! We did a little bit of shooting but I think the highlight was the two big boys teaching their new little protege how to shoot a (very non powerful or loud) gun.


*disclaimer: These pictures might bother some people. If you have any problems… SORRY!!  Every safety precaution was made, he was never left unattended or unwatched. There were 4 adults watching him at all times. Trust me, I had a hard enough time taking him up there, shaking like a leaf just having him near guns. But he had a good experience and I won’t raise him to be afraid of guns or not know anything about them.  I know what that does to people.


THEN BEIGNETS!!!! No pictures, I was too busy devouring mine and part of Gavin’s… SOOO good!

On to the Boulder Creek Festival and Farmers Market

We saw lots of interesting people and things and food. TONS of food samples, we didn’t need lunch and tons of walking. I love the Boulder area. The houses are gorgeous and there are things within walking distance.



We picked up our friend’s dog, Copper (Gav’s new best friend) and took a nap at a local park.  While the boys slept… my boys that is… we took a few pictures of the expectant mama.


We were EXHAUSTED by the end of the day and slept sooo well that night!

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Stud Muffin-ness


Isn’t he just yummy? He’s such a stud!!! He actually asked me to take pictures of him this day and I was happy to oblige!


(and yes… he put his sunglasses on his head like that… and picked out his own clothes!)

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