Ensign Peak

We were needing something to do and were looking for some hikes around the valley where we could take kids and most of them were closed still, since it was so early in the season. The only one we could find that was easy, short and kid friendly… Ensign Peak! We LOVED it, despite the need for a potty break, it was so awesome and such a cool view!

Untitled Export7

We were able to help G point out landmarks he’s seen from the ground and Anders couldn’t get enough of the trains in the train yard on one side of the hike and the dogs everyone else brought on the hike!

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SLC in the Spring

After G’s birthday party, we made a bee line for the tulips at Temple Square… sadly, we never made it inside the gates! The boys were too interested in the giant cranes, trains and machines that were all over the place downtown.

Untitled Export3

Untitled Export4We also managed to hop on the wrong train and almost took a trip to see the planes at the airport!

Love these boys. Their baby blues kill me!

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Come Skating with Me

Gav’s 6th birthday party was greatly anticipated. We talked for the LONGEST time about where and when and what theme… he decided he wanted all his school friends to join him at his favorite place, the rink!


Thanks to my favorite Oval employee for knowing my OCD tendencies with parties and made sure it all looked awesome!

Untitled Export

Untitled Export1


He had a blast skating and eating snacks and opening the truckload of gifts his awesome friends brought! I don’t think he could have asked for a better birthday!

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Easter… an early morning event… 2013



Far too early Easter morning, these little monsters decided to see what the Easter bunny had brought. Easter2013-0103 (Medium) Easter2013-0106 (Medium)



Thankfully, it got us ready for church early enough to snap a couple of pictures! Easter2013-0109 (Medium) Easter2013-0110 (Medium)These two little monkeys crack me up!

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He’s 6!

This little man is 6. Seriously?!

To celebrate the weekend of his birthday we had a family party with Trent, Stina, Grandpa and Chelle a little Mac and cheese, and a little (mangled) Lego cake.

GavFamilyParty03302013-0076 (Medium) GavFamilyParty03302013-0087 (Medium) GavFamilyParty03302013-0090 (Medium)He loved the low key party, but was looking forward to his friend birthday party.

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Easter Egg Hunt

We decided to recruit Auntie Chelle to go with us to the egg hunt of our choice this year, considering Gav and Anders are in different age groups, I couldn’t be in two places at once. She gladly obliged and we had a blast!EggHunt03302013-0049 (Medium)

Apparently, I broke the rules and helped Anders get to the eggs faster, pointed them out.. etc. He’s 2, this was his first egg hunt and he got far less than most other kids so I don’t feel too bad.

EggHunt03302013-0056 (Medium)

Chelle talked strategy with Gav before the whistle blew and he made out like a bandit!

EggHunt03302013-0064 (Medium)

Auntie Chel with the boys and their loot. They kinda love her.

EggHunt03302013-0072 (Medium)

My boys. I love these two little monsters! 

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Winter Games 2013 – Gav’s First Competition

Gavin had his first competition in February. We were so excited and he practiced soooo hard! He skated to The Beatles “Twist and Shout” and did a FABULOUS job!
WinterGames2013-0131 (Small)Gav in his group, talking to his coach, Miss Tamara, before he went out for practice.

WinterGames2013-0134 (Small)

Anders was a little bored waiting for his brother to go on.

WinterGames2013-0135 (Small) WinterGames2013-0159 (Small)

He had a few little slip ups, had a little fall, but recovered FABULOUSLY!

WinterGames2013-0169 (Small)
WinterGames2013-0178 (Small)

He finished on time and with such personality!

WinterGames2013-0190 (Small)

This was his competition…. we thought he was toast! Isn’t she adorable?!

WinterGames2013-0195 (Small)

Gav’s coach, Miss Tamara. She’s amazing.

WinterGames2013-0198 (Small)

Looking at the results.

WinterGames2013-0199 (Small)


WinterGames2013-0205 (Small)

The pro photos, Thanks to the photographer who asked for my camera so he could take a picture of the group… notice something unusual?? (G was the only boy in his whole group)

WinterGames2013-0207 (Small)

Gav showing his medal to Chris.

WinterGames2013-0209 (Small)He was sooooo excited! We are so proud of him for working so hard and getting up and continuing even though he had a couple slip ups. He’s growing up so fast!

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100th Day of Kindergarten

Gav’s Kindergarten has had TONS of fun activities, including making hats for the 100th day of Kindergarten. We were at a loss and wanted something super fun, so we used an old cowboy hat and some knock off Lego’s we had left over from a Christmas present. A little hot glue, a little creativity and we managed to fit 100 Lego’s on a hat! 100thDay of School-0083 (Small) 100thDay of School-0091 (Small) 100thDay of School-0126 (Small)Gav’s class with his awesome teacher, Mrs. Proud. Love that the teachers got in on the fun as well as the kids.

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Christmas 2012


Christmas morning – Man they were excited and woke up early! Thankfully Santa was ready and my family tromped to the door about 15 minutes before the boys woke up. ChristmasDay2012-0001 (Medium) ChristmasDay2012-0002 (Medium)

The light saber flash light was a HUGE hit!

ChristmasDay2012-0006 (Medium)

Auntie Chelle helped set up the new HexBug Habitat. She and G played for a good long while til breakfast was ready!

ChristmasDay2012-0010 (Medium)

After playing our hearts out and naps, we headed down to Trent’s house to have Christmas dinner and open some more presents.

ChristmasDay2012-0012 (Medium)

Gav got more Lego’s than his little heart could stand!

ChristmasDay2012-0016 (Medium)

Anders got a Thomas remote control train that, by the end of the evening, they were jumping off empty boxes.

ChristmasDay2012-0017 (Medium) ChristmasDay2012-0020 (Medium)

More Legos!ChristmasDay2012-0024 (Medium)

Justina’s sister, Samantha,got a puppy for Christmas and the boys were completely enamored with her.

ChristmasDay2012-0026 (Medium) ChristmasDay2012-0029 (Medium)


It was an amazing Christmas! We are so blessed to have such wonderful family, a roof over our heads and more blessings than we can count.

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Temple Square with the Tanners

We loved having my family in town for the month of December. We had so much fun the Saturday and Sunday before Christmas. Saturday, after a nasty bout of strep throat which my parents rescued my kids from and urged me to go to the Dr…. twice… we had dinner at our favorite BBQ joint then headed over to the Salt Lake Temple grounds to see the lights. Unfortunately for everyone, December was FRIGID and the teen temperatures weren’t conducive to walking around the grounds for hours and hours, especially for Ander baby.

Temple Square 2012-1344 (Small) Temple Square 2012-1346 (Small) Temple Square 2012-1354 (Small) Temple Square 2012-1355 (Small) Temple Square 2012-1358 (Small) Temple Square 2012-1362 (Small) Temple Square 2012-1366 (Small) Temple Square 2012-1369 (Small) Temple Square 2012-1370 (Small)

We got our fill of the twinkling lights then headed home.

Sunday night we had dinner at my brother’s and then had cake for Anders and Trent’s birthday’s. We miss having my parents here, but treasure the time we do get to spend with them.



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