Octo Anders

This year for Halloween we recycled a costume and went with a theme… big surprise for siblings right?? hehe

But I loved this costume so much, I was itching for the chance to put it on another baby.

Gav’s costume to come later.

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Bedtime Surprise


We’ve had a few bedtime surprises lately. This one was an ok one.

Gav wanted to “take a nap” on our bed one afternoon. When Chris and I went to go to bed that night, this is what we found on Chris’ pillow.

Silly Child

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Brittany and Tyson

My cousin Brittany got married last month in a beautiful ceremony with her close family and friends surrounding her.

My Aunt Trish did such a beautiful job, she did the decorations and food herself. I was seriously impressed. That lady’s got talent!

The Mama Llama and Lady C were there.

The Lignell/Brown clan were there.

We tried desperately to get a picture of Oma with all over her great grandsons… no great grandaughters… yet (one due in December.)

From left to right: 1. “You shared with me, I’ll share with you!” 2. “You crazy people.” 3. The little prince’s chair. 4. Can’t survive an event without The Stuff. 5. That’s the baby girl due in December RIGHT THERE! 6. “You know you wanna!” 7. Gorgeous Gals. 8. “My! What big teeth you have!!!”

It was so good to see everyone! We don’t get together nearly as often as we should anymore…. and we actually like each other now! hhaha










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9 Months Too Fast

He wouldn’t smile for me. It was right before naptime. But he was a good sport… we’ll try again soon.

I really wish there was a pause button on life. He’s getting too big too fast. And right now, he’s just perfect!

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He might make a ton of money someday if he keeps this up!

Someone has taken on a new job.

As Garbage Man.


He’s constantly asking if I have garbage he can take to the can. Usually it’s by bike, but the pizza boxes were an akward load, so he chose to take them by foot.

I have taken to bagging up garbage in the smaller sacks, and throughout the day… giving the kid a chance to peel himself from the tv/computer/legos/trains/cars/snacks…. etc… that he’s attached to.

Heaven bless that kid! He’s saved me many trips to the can on the other side of the house!


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Stop it!

Well, it happened.

G started Preschool a couple weeks ago. He was more than ready to go and is doing fabulously!

He wrote his name, his whole name the other day. Of course I was shocked. He’s so stinking smart, I regret putting him in school last year. But, we’re pretty confident that kid will be reading by Kindergarten and ready for College by 1st grade.

We couldn’t find a backpack for him that fit him since we started in on the whole school thing a couple weeks late. But I managed to whip up a little pack for him the night before…. only to find out that he didn’t need one, they don’t allow them, instead they give the kids bags with their names on them. Gotta love this school! They rock!

Those killer blue eyes.  Watch out ladies!


Daddy got to go in late to work that day, just to see G off to school.

Seriously kid! Stop it! I can’t take the growing up!

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The Plum Verbena

Well… it happened!

My friend and I finally opened shop!

We’re selling a whole bunch of different things (most of which aren’t on the site yet, but keep your eyes peeled, they will be soon!)

Like us on Facebook!


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I Can Be a Missionary Now

Gavin gave his first talk in Primary today.

He did a fabulous job.

“I want to go on a mission one day, (to tell everyone Jesus loves them) but that’s not for a long time.
So right now I can:
Be nice to my friends.
Be a good big brother.
Be Mommy’s helper.
Read scripture stories with Daddy.
And I can tell my friends about Sunbeams and how we learn about Heavenly Father and Jesus, Temples and how families can be together forever.
I say these things, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”
He’s getting too big, too fast!
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Happy Birthday Hubby!

Chris isn’t big on birthday’s…

He REALLY didn’t want a big fuss this year.

Just his favorite dinner.

So that’s what we’re doing for this 31 year old’s birthday. Keeping it low key.

Since he does what I want him to all the time.

He’s like that, ya know. Always doing what he can to keep me happy, a good daddy in every way, works so hard for us and always makes sure we know how much he loves us.

He’s amazing!

Happy Birthday, Chris!


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Bicycle, Bicycle!

The boys and I ticked another thing off the Summer Fun-do list yesterday.

Bike to Bridal Veil Falls…. and then some!

We (along with like 312.7 other people) took advantage of the amazing weather to bike up to Vivien Park. And it was glorious! The little boys loved it, the big boy made fun of me for pulling out the camera and the mama was glad it was an easy 5 miles!

We stopped in the middle to have a picnic lunch… another tick off the good ole list, and watched the Heber Creeper leave the station. Someone’s a really good helper at unloading things.

Gav made a new friend… yes, it was a girl.

And, in case you didn’t know… Chris makes more faces than his standard “non-face” which typically looks annoyed.

After our ride, we went to go pick up this ride.

My brother and dad spent a couple of months searching for, powder coating, and over all spiffing up a bike for G’s birthday present. Up until that point, G had been riding a cute little pink number, it wasn’t a big hit with the men of the family, so it had to go.

Since the bike is a BMX bike, the frame is a little long, and therefore a little big for Master G. We took it to the bike shop that did a lot of the work on it, and when we walked through the door, we didn’t even need to tell them who we were, they knew the bike…. they wanted the bike!  Grown men drooled over this bike!  They went on and on and on about this bike, and how cool it was and how cool Trent was for doing the work on it for his nephew.

I digress….

The guys sized up G with the bike and came to conclusion that it needed another set of wheels: some mighty training wheels. The likes of which have given this kid a new permanent expression, and something to do that doesn’t drive me nuts!

We’re pretty sure that the training wheels will be  a very temporary fixture on the bike. He’s too determined to ride it without them, but knows he needs them for now.  I’m just sad it’s taken us this long to get the training wheels put on it.

He’s the happiest I’ve ever seen him.

He woke up this morning asking when he could ride his bike.

Thanks Nan, Pops and Trent!!!

We hope everyone had a great Labor Day Holiday!





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