We Moved!!!

Shortly after getting home from my “Momcation” we packed up everything we owned into a truck and moved to an amazing place!!! It’s within walking distance of Gavin’s school and has enough space for us to roam and grow, has a park out front, a pool within walking distance, is within 20 minutes of Chris’ last rink of the night that he coaches at and has a kitchen!!!

We are so grateful to Chris’ grandpa for letting us stay in his basement the last couple years and couldn’t repay him for everything he did for us, but it was time to move on. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect place for us to be and are so amazed that it all worked out.

Here’s just a peek at what is going on with the new space! (PS it’s a work in progress!)

living room PictureRailsfull play area Bedroom crate dining

Stay tuned for more decorating pictures. I’m having TOO much fun!


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  1. LaciJean says:

    Looks great! Glad you and the boys are liking the new house!

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