July the 4th year 2013

So, believe it or not, I didn’t pick up my camera for almost an entire month. I just haven’t been feeling it. And really… the only thing I could have documented were my kids playing at the park almost daily, playing Lego’s and Thomas and the cat laying in the curtains.. Really thrilling stuff, I tell ya. June wasn’t really a great month for me health wise so we took it pretty slow, but it was good, we needed it.

July came in full swing though and we had a blast! We spent the 4th with Justina’s family, as per tradition and got some much needed uncle and aunt time in before my mom got here two weeks later.

We love the parade, even with as early as we have to get up to make it down to Provo, we LOVE the parade! It was so nice and cool that morning, I was really excited not to be dripping by the end of it! Certainly made for a better experience.

07042013- Parade-0625


I know for a fact that Anders favorite part of the entire parade was the Disney princesses that were walking the parade route. He hugged each and every one of them! I think he may have even cut off a few little girls to make sure he got some action! Gav’s favorite were the military trucks and the BYU semi. He is also a BIG fan of the American flag, had to have one in his hand the whole time we were there!



After the parade, we nabbed Sammie and went to the Colonial Village. My friend’s family puts this on every year and this year did not disappoint one bit. It was AMAZING! From the “bakery” they had set up with a brick oven and a baker making fresh sour dough bread right there, to the kids village they set up this year, teaching the kids how to do chores, make rope, the games the kids played back then…etc! We also saw a blacksmith, “travelers” who were actually camping at the park the duration of the village’s appearance, the store, reproductions made by my friend’s brother of the clothing people wore during that time. It was truly an amazing experience! I applaud these people for being so dedicated to such an in depth look at a time in our nations rich history! (Check it out here https://www.facebook.com/events/665055190178181/) We will definitely hit it up EVERY year we can!


After the Colonial Festival we headed over to Kim and Gene’s house to have lunch with what I call “the clan” and someone was brilliant enough to set up a slip and slide for the munchkins! They had SOOOO much fun! I couldn’t get them to stop playing… that was until we told them we were going to go hang out at the movie theater seeing Monsters University with Uncle Trent and Auntie Stina.



After the movie, the “men” went shooting and Justina, Anders and I killed time until it was time to head over to the fireworks. It was an amazing show, with people we love and such a fabulous day! So grateful we live in the country we live in, with the freedoms and liberties we have been given. Hope everyone had a great day filled with family, friends and fun!

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Blog Lovin’

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Since my GoogleReader died… grrr. I needed to find something to replace it. This’ll do nicely!

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2013 Gateway Chalk Art Festival

Since last year’s festival was so amazing, I made sure to keep on the lookout for when the chalk art festival would be this year, and it didn’t disappoint!

I’ve been making it a point to bring our point and shoot to things so that Gav can take the wheel. He really loves to take pictures and he has been doing a FABULOUS job! I love that he’s taking an interest in something I also love to do. 

Love that they feature the movies that come out during the year, as well as high light classics and the beautiful attractions of our amazing state.



This kid cracks me up! His selfies are hilarious! The photos of me… not so flattering!

06152013- ChalkArtFestival-1098This one was my favorite of the day. This reminds me so much of my boys and the way I want them to live. Full of life, adventure and imagination. No fear, no concerns, no inhibition.

That’s what being a little boy should be all about right???


PS if you missed this one, there’s another chalk art festival at Riverwoods in September, you can bet your bottom we will be there! Check it out!




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YeeHaww!! Fort Herriman Days 2013



Going to the Herriman Rodeo was a little more of a challenge than I thought it would be with this little cowpoke. He is at the age where sitting still, being quiet and being a little angel are completely TABOO! 06072013- HerrimanRodeo-1034 06072013- HerrimanRodeo-1041He was flirting like crazy while Chris and Gav were off to get snacks. After the food got here, the sun set and Anders had the camera the rest of the night… Therefore I have NO more pictures, but it was such a fun evening with my men.

We also hit up the movie in the park (where we froze, but had a blast!) the carnival and the car show. Thanks to our new hometown for a great weekend!


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Kindy Graduation

I can’t believe Gav’s first school year has ended. We LOVED school this year, Gav couldn’t wait to get up every morning and go to school. Even after we moved he was waking up WELL before we needed him to be up just so he could ride his bike to school. 05292013- Kindy Graduation-0361

We were told “no spiky hair” for graduation… this is about as good as it gets for this little man. Isn’t he studly???



When we named our son, we never expected to have another Gavin in his school class… well, we were WRONG! There were 5 Gavin’s in the whole kindergarten at G’s school…. This is his buddy, Gavin K. They couldn’t be more different! Gavin K. is a twin and is the more docile of the two. Edited1


The little program they did was adorable! They each said what Kindergarten meant to them… Gav’s was Field Trips! Edited2

Gavin receiving his diploma from Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Proud. Love these ladies!


Gav with a few of his buddies from his class. Kade, Jurgen and Jocelyn… this poor little girl had casts on both wrists most of the year from an accident that happened early in the year. She was in Gav’s group in school and he was her buddy, helped her with everything, the whole time. They also have birthday’s one day apart.

Onto Summer and First Grade!!!

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We Moved!!!

Shortly after getting home from my “Momcation” we packed up everything we owned into a truck and moved to an amazing place!!! It’s within walking distance of Gavin’s school and has enough space for us to roam and grow, has a park out front, a pool within walking distance, is within 20 minutes of Chris’ last rink of the night that he coaches at and has a kitchen!!!

We are so grateful to Chris’ grandpa for letting us stay in his basement the last couple years and couldn’t repay him for everything he did for us, but it was time to move on. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect place for us to be and are so amazed that it all worked out.

Here’s just a peek at what is going on with the new space! (PS it’s a work in progress!)

living room PictureRailsfull play area Bedroom crate dining

Stay tuned for more decorating pictures. I’m having TOO much fun!


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Portland to Spokane and Back! – Day 3

After a really long drive, we made it to Spokane and it was a GORGEOUS day for a graduation!

Portland2013-0274First thing we did was take a little tour around the town to figure out where we were supposed to go and to pick up Mom’s cap and gown.

Untitled Export2-001Then over to downtown to check out the park, the river and to get a little grub.

Untitled Export4-001We are SOOO proud of this beautiful lady and all her accomplishments! She is such an inspiration of dedication and hard work. She has overcome so many life changes and obstacles and LONG work on projects and we are so excited  for her. Love you Gine Gine!

Untitled Export5-001I was all ready to get the awesome shot because for ONCE there was bright light in a commencement ceremony…. and….. they switched sides on me! And… while we were so excited for my mom to be walking… we were grateful for the concessions stand… never, EVER, been to a commencement ceremony that long. Untitled Export6-001

We took some super speedy pictures of the graduate and then BOOKED it back to Portland (with a stop at Jack in the Box for some Jack tacos… a Tanner family must) to catch an 0’dark hundred flight back to Utah!

Congratulations, Mom!




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Portland to Spokane and Back! – Day 2


Mom, Chelle and I decided to head to the coast since it was SOOOO gorgeous in normally rainy Portland and head to Astoria. Untitled ExportThe drive was phenomenal! SOOOO green! And with the whole thing DJ’d by TrachelleBelle? We Tanner women know how to road trip!

Untitled Export2First thing’s first, the Column! 125 feet tall, 164 steps to the top and one panic attack from the Mama Llama down…with some CHOICE words at the top? Yeah, totally worth it! Sorry, Mom… You were awesome and did it though!

Untitled Export3Astoria is GORGEOUS!!! So much color and history and architecture! It rocked!

Untitled Export5We had lunch at this awesome little place on the pier and the view couldn’t have been more perfect, thanks for not raining Portland!

Untitled Export4We did a little photoshoot in front of this spectacular bridge!!! However, we didn’t cross it, my mom wasn’t crying over that one! hehe

Untitled Export6On our way out to Spokane that night, we drove through the Pearl District in Portland. It was so cool! Very artistic and kistchy. Right up  my alley!




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Portland to Spokane and Back! – Day 1

In May I was able to take a little “Momcation” with my parents and sister to go watch my mom receive her Masters’ Degree from Gonzaga University. Thanks to my dad’s work, we had to hit Portland first.

Mom, Chelle and I hit an EARLY flight Thursday morning and flew out to San Francisco to meet up with my dad, where we encountered an extended layover… When we finally got to Portland, we had enough time to take a nap and then head out to dinner at Ring Side… YUM!!!

2013-05-09 2013-05-091Love my nutty family!  We then hit the hotel to get the rest we needed to adventure the next day!


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Temple Square Tulips

Yay!!! We finally made it to Temple Square to see the amazing tulips! And just in the nick of time! We spent a Sunday afternoon enjoying the sights and taking in the details of Temple Square. I love this place!

Untitled Export1 Untitled Export2

These little boys LOVED the fountains and being able to just roam without a whole lot of people. Anders kept pointing out the temple and asking what things were, that kid is growing up TOO fast! Untitled Export3 Untitled Export

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